At Camelot Preschool, we believe that our dedicated team of educators are of paramount importance to the quality of service we are able to deliver to your precious children; therefore, we take every effort to ensure our educators are highly qualified, highly experienced and inspirational.

Our educators have been educating children at Camelot Preschool for decades, and this is testament to how enriching and fulfilling it is to be part of the Camelot Preschool family. Our educators have been a part of our families lives for many years and are often welcoming older siblings who visit the centre with their younger siblings just to say hi to our educators, whom they remember from their earlier years with fondness and love! It is truly heart-warming to see.


These wonderful educators have been hand-selected for their personal skill and attributes, to align with our Philosophy, and they make Camelot Preschool what it is today. Our team regularly upskills throughout the year to ensure the highest quality of service delivery is always met, using not only tried principles and innovative new learnings for continuous improvement. They are supported by Camelot Preschool to continue their professional development and are encouraged to regularly participate in self-reflection. It is through self-evaluation and assessment, which occurs when we critically reflect on our actions, that we can identify areas which may be considered a skill and those which may need further development.

We recognise our educators as Camelot Preschool’s most precious resource and aim to provide them with a satisfying and safe working environment. We appreciate the experience and skills of all educators and employees, and their dedication as an integral element of the success of Camelot Preschool.

Meet our Camelot Preschool Director


Jasmin Konjarski

I am passionate about making a positive difference in children’s lives and watching them develop, grow, and succeed into the unique little human beings they are!

At Camelot Preschool, we create a family environment that children feel comfortable enough to be themselves whenever they are here. I want children to feel inspired and I want educators to feel like they can inspire children to make discoveries throughout their learning journeys with us.

I value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. I believe that each child is a unique individual and should be viewed, respected, and treated as such. The well-being of each child is paramount. Therefore, I strive to provide holistic support for each child’s exclusive requirements and interests in a secure, caring, nurturing, familiar, and supportive environment that fosters the children’s development across all developmental areas.

I aim to provide a welcoming, nurturing, engaging, and stimulating environment that gives each child the opportunity to learn, play, and grow, no matter their age or skill level. I actively work to support the full inclusion of all children.

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