We will foster children’s development by motivating and inspiring children to be the best learners that they can be.

At Camelot Preschool, we essentially believe that a child’s first five years is a unique and valuable stage of life, where immense learning and development is acquired through play and educational guidance.

We are committed to providing a learning environment that is safe, warm, nurturing, fun and stimulating for our children to develop their independence, self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills with educators who love what they do.


We believe that children learn through play and need a balance of open ended commercial and natural resources to promote interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, discovery, and connection with nature. Educator’s interactions with children will be positive, constructive, and always encouraging. At any given time, Educators will role model the behaviours that we are teaching the children.

Educators will acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all children and meet the needs of each individual child. Educators will demonstrate understanding and acceptance when dealing with challenging behaviour.


Educators will be proactive in helping children build on the strengths and skills that they arrive at our service with and identify areas of need and work together with each family to achieve individual milestones and goals. We can achieve these goals with positive partnerships between staff, children and parents and when respectful attitudes towards differences in gender, race, religion, culture and ability are modelled.

We set out to ensure children transition off to school being happy, confident, and involved learners, carrying the fundamental skills to cope with primary school and the world beyond Camelot Preschool.

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