Early Years Learning Framework

Camelot Preschool’s early learning program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). It is flexible, individual, engaging and based on the knowledge that children are natural learners, that each child develops at their own pace and when they feel comfortable and safe in their environment they will feel connected to their educators and each other. This is why we spend the time truly getting to know each child and taking a personal and individual approach to their learning.

International research tells us that, for every year a child spends in a high-quality early learning program like ours, the better their outcomes for school (and life!).

We work with our children's parents

At every age and stage of the learning journey, we will continue to work with you to learn more about your child. This helps us create a program that builds on their interests, abilities and introduces those important early concepts and skills – like Language, Literacy, Maths, STEM, Music and more.

Our programs reflect both planned and spontaneous experiences designed to support children’s development in all domains. Through the EYLF, the program will see educators use intentional teaching, (it is deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful). We will ensure that we provide many open- ended resources and space to allow children to make choices, take appropriate risks, think critically and independently about ways of being. Our approach to School Readiness is about much more than a checklist against child’s chronological age.  In order to make a successful and happy start to school, children need to also have a firm grasp of language, numeracy, motor coordination, social and emotional skills which is the foundation of our school readiness program.

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